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president obama president obama visits areas
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last week's storm left behind plenty of damage... and a big clean-up job.for some... they'll have to rebuilddfor the second time in 7 years... when hurricane katrina hit. homeland security secretary janettnapolitano visited the area on sunday... we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of a team, part of the team here in louisiana and make ure that hurricane isaac is put to rest, as soon as we can to all of those affecttd.we know thaa this is a big, big, tough it together.e'll work through - together.mitt romney visittd the area on thousands of people are still without power.
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good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.. jeff barnd is off tonight.a man is dead tonight after a llte morning shooting. paul gessler just got back from the east baltimore neighborhood.paul-- jennifer, i just got off the phone with baltimore citt police, who tell me the victim died at the hospital this afternoon.neighbors say the victim was a teenaged boy. but, poliie say he is in his early 20s.the shooting happened onnberyl avenue in east baltimore south of biddle street.police say they don't have a motive at this time. jeremy silbert, baltimore police spokesperson: "officers then responded to the scene to find a male who we believe to be in his early 20s suffering from at least one gunshot woond to his body. that victim was transported ffom the scene in serious condition. he left to a local hospital." neighbors would not taak to us on camera, but say the victim could be as young as 14.anyone call baltimore city police. paul gessler, fox45 news at pive. police need your help in finding the person who shot and killed a 22-year-old woman at a house party early yesterday morning in east balti.
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baltimore.álarelle amosá was shot in the chest while she was standing in the front yard of a house on the alameda near richnor avenue. policc don't think áamosá was the intended target.but they're not saying anything bout a motive or suspect yet. &pbaltimore county bars leave - two men dead. early saturday mmrning... átavares jonesá an employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and oakleigh road was stabbed multiple times after breaking up a fight iiside the bar. police are still searching foo suspects. ann around 2-am police were called to the scene on eastern boulevard near rolling mill road where áddrryl llvellette jr.á was stabbed to death in aaparking lot nexx to ásinix bará. the suspect in this case has beenn arrested. city fire investtgators are stiil trying to find outwhat caused a fire that killed an east baltimore happened last night ...n the 22-hundred blockof east north avenue. that's where john rydell has spoken with learn more... 3 3 3 3 (rydell) "neighbors here on east north avenue are still
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phhken by what happened here less than 24 hours ago, s you can see, the clean-up is still far from over, neighbors are trying to do what they can and everyone in this blocc is fondly remembering the elderly victim.""it was just chaos you know, i never saw nothing liie that."neighbors knew...that 88-year old gertie horton...was inside. but as flames...swept through her powhouse...there was little they could help. "it just was so sad tte way she died."rene plumber...lives "my sonnin-law and his brother-in law trieddto get her out of the house but when they broke the door in, they couldn't get her out because the fire ame toward them." "and one guy broke his leg trying to get to her so it was too late."neighbors say gertie horton...had just returned... home...from a lengthy stay in p nursing home. "she had this bubbily personality, she would just talk to you."but they say...sse still had trouble...getting around...and
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they fear....that may... have cost her...her life. (hayes) "everybody in the community loved her you know and it's said what happened you know, it's really sad."(rydell) &gertie horttn is the second person to die in a fire in baltimore ciiy this holiday weekend but she's only the fiffh fire fatality in baltimmre city this year, a number that fire officials call remarkabll. in east baltimore, john rydell, fox45 news at five." meanwhile, an east baltimore community is reeemmering the other person who died in a fire thhs holiday weekend. reggge russell waa killed early saturday morning at his pome on holbrook street. neighbors say his final act was pushing his wife to safety, before he ran back inside to try and put out the flames. "right then and there hh start pushing her" her"alice dooley: "he went doing what regggeewould do, helping somebody else" else" reggie was found later by firefighters, lying lifeless in his doorway. friends say he
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had lived in the home for 68 care of the neighborhood children. on labor day... one city fire fighter injured in the line of puty waats to get back on thee job.but is being told he can't...even thoogh experts and the federal goverment both say he is fit for duty.tonight melinda roeder looks at why &pthe city says he'll never fight fires again. 18:23:18"he'' very frustrated, he wants to beea firefighter" he's a second generation ffre fighter...who gave up a promising career as an civil engineerto save lives.but now city ffrefighter bryan issacs faces an obstacle mmre challenging thannthe life threatening injuries he sustained fighting a fire in 2208his own deparrment. 18:20:45"it doess't makeeany sense, ttey have beennvery arbitrary and capricious about this"after emerging from a coma and working his way bbck to health... two expert doctors... and the federal government... cleared issacs the ciiy fire ddpartment won't allow him to return to place he wants to be...back on a truck18:17:20"we just ind
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this very, very strange"issacs can't talk about the case... so a member of his legal team is speakinggfor him.the firefighter's ordeal began while aaswering a call in march of 2008. he fell off a truck...a near fatal accident he recovered, and with the approval of his own doctoos., he soughttto rejoin his fellow firefighters onnengiie 6a&one of the busiest the city. 18:16:43"he did qualify, he met the standards"but a city doctor said no. even though another physician ho wrott the standards for fire fighter fitness...cleareddhim for duty. so issacs filed a complaint with the federal equal employment opportunity commissiona&a federal agency that promotes fairness in the work place.81:17:15"the eeoc says in some of there findings they believe he has been discriminated against"and in this letter they determined the city was wrong.but even with the backing of the federal government, the city still refused to let him return. 18:17:44"they just did them to come on cameea and ked - explain. instead they ssued this statement."at this time we (bcfd) will defer at this time from any public remarks
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as this is a pending legal matter".for now issacs is a not riding them. a job hii , - supporters say is far removed...froo his true &pcalling.18:19:20"he's a caree ffrefighter, he doesn't wwnt to be a meccanic" despite the city's reluctance to put him back on a truck, issacs hhs been working as voonteer firefighter in baltimore county, where he has been cleared to fight fires. the second grand prix of baltimore... is now in the history books. books. the three-day racing festival dree tens of thousaads to official numbers havent been &preleased.... its clear attendance was down from last year.organizers say they're still happy with the turnout... especially because they put the race together in just 3 months. tim mayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: 31.27 "that's not unusual forra and comes out."sampson zewde: - 47.50 "definitely puts the city on the map with such an excitinngevent."mike lowrey: "this is our second year heree
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we had a ball. we'll come back aaain ext year, if we have it." already planning next years - race weekend. that brings us to our qqestion oo the you think the prand prix baltimore was a success? go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. "clean up nats" nats"meanwhile... what took 30- days to set up... is taking about 24 hours to tear down.crews went to work taking down fences, clearing out race immediately after yesterday's race.their first priority... removing the asphault paving that cooered the light rails morning... all major streets were open to holiday traffic. the nfl pre-season has come to an end....and the ravens are now pointed toward their direccor bruce cunningham
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joinn usswiih more... wiih the rosters now fully formed, nnl teams are now pointed toward opening weekend...for the ravens, that means an extra day of night, hosting the cincinnati bengalsat m&t bank stadium it has been a reflective off- season in owings mills...theyy got to within one dropped pass of being in the super roster knowstheyywound have won it, too...and as they head into this season, they know &pthe road ahhad..and they also agree on gthh destination... 3 thursday this football - season...we're holding a football chat at 8...go to our facebook page...facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to join the discussion. single game of first place in -
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the al east..hihglights coming up a little later in sports.. backkto you new tonight at 5:30... baltimore native and olympic legend michael phelps is dominating ssmething else besidds swimming. 3 frightening momentssduring a monsterrtruck many people were innured when this truck went flying into spectators. and democrats gear up for átheirá convention, as at least onn big name republican tragedy at an the spotlight..- crashing plane anndsmoking a -
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wreckage in a farm field. it happened at the quad city air show.the pilot from texas was flying a soviet-era military formation....
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making a 45-degree bank... and you can see... was unable to come out of it...he flew strait into the ground, and was killed in the fiery crash. 38-50"one was headed toward, like, back towardd wwere it came from, and he went nose- down inno the ground and burst intooflames. i was instantly in tears because i knew more than likely that he didn't surv" survive."emergeecy officials say the pilot simply did not &phave enough time tt saaely eject from the aircraft. and another terrifying moment... caught on camera... this one in oregon.takk a look... it happened saturday at the "monster air 2012" show. dustin earls was recording video of a drag race.... when the truck driver lost control, bounced through a mud pit and over a barricade before smashing into spectators. three people were hit by the truck's 48- inch tires and taken to a hospital. they're expected tt survive. &ptonight, a 9- year- old boy i illinois faces murder charges... accused of killing a baby. baby.familyyand friends
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remembering 14- month- old taquan willis.on friday... prosecutors filed murder charges against a 9- year- old because the case is in the state's juvenile system, the not release any details. can 105-115"i just want everyone to know i loved my baby and i wish he was here and i'm going to always miss you taquan, just know that, and i caa't pgain."accordinn to family members, the two kids are not relatee. 3 democrats are gearing up for a majoo pep ralll in north carolina... after republicans had theirs last weekkin national convention is bringing thousands to the tar make their case to voters to s re-elect president obama. from charlotte. charlotte. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3- 3 3 a coffee maker t can cause scalding burnn and what you should do with the product. 3 --adblib weatherrtz-- the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at flash flooding leaves ssveral drivers stranded in d-c.this
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was the scene last night... as emergency crews responded o calls for help.luckily... no one was injured.the flooding comes from raan brought in by remnants of tropical storm psaac... moving through our also prompted the closure of several metro transit stations. a lot of moisture in the air this weekend.. causing rains to move through the area. area.check out these pictures of a water spout in middle river.the water twister happpned over the weekenn.a big thank you to edison geller anddgerald uhlan for sending and humid today for us here... some heavy rrin coming through at times.chief meteoroogist vytas reidd 3 baatimore county takiig steps
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to battle the west nile virus
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after aryland's first case appears.when and whhre crees wiil be spraying... coming up. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for...
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question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. in response to he case of
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west nile virus that has been diagnosed in baltimore county... the maryland department of griculture will be mosquito spraying. spraying.sparying will take place this thursday and next thursday, the 13th... in the mmlford mill area after 7:30 at night.department of agriculture trucks will will conduct the spraying.west nile virus is a isease that is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito that has picked up the virus by feeding on an infected humans, west nile generally causes pither no syyptoms.. or mild.. flu-like illness.. but it can also be deadly. kids with asthma who inhale steroids might end up a little shorter because of that treatment..nhaling steroids helps some youngsters with the breaahing disorder.but doctors and parents have worried the drugs might slow or stunt growth.researchers at tte
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univvrsity oo new mexico followed aaout a thousand they stopped group of kids inhaled steroids twice a day... another group took non-steroids...the rest a placebo.the experts say those on steroids only lost a half- inch in height. some "mr. coffee" coffeemakers are under recall today... for a dangerous malfunction. according to the consumer product safety commissiinn.. the appliance can suddenly release a strram of scalding water and coffee grounds. tte recall involves 600-thousand of the single-cup brewing systems... sold beeteen september 2010 and this month. they were sold at target, walmart, k- mart, j-c penny and bed, bath and beeond stores naaionwidee tte c-p-s-c says owners should stop using the coffeemaker immediately... and contact the company about how to replace it. a new sttdy out of britain... finds the shape of a person's beer glass may affect how fast they drink it. the research suggests that
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people who drink their brews out of curved glasses... drink their beerr4 minutes fasterr than those who drink out f straight glasses.researchers believe the ccrved glasses make it harder to pace yourself... because it's more difficult to determine how mucc you've actually had. the obama administration is now releasing the recipe for its homemade bber. white house head chef....sam kass... posted the recipe for 2 beers brewed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue: the white house honey ale and honey porter. both beers are made using honey harvested from the white house bee hive.the recipe release comes after some pressure from the online hhme brewing community that included a petition on the white house website and a freedom of information act request. 3 new at 5:30 tonight...a 222 porch of a northhast home... why police think she was not the intended tarret.
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3 --adblib weather tz--
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